SEASON 1 - E01

15 min - VF Québec


Féminin Féminin is web series from Quebec by Chloé Robichaud, known for her film Sarah préfère la course (Sarah prefers to run) (Cannes 2013 official competition, “Un certain regard” section).
As the title points out, the web series revolves around women, and particularly on gay women. It was Producers LSTW (LezSpreadTheWord) [], a website interested in the lesbian sphere.

In the first episode that aired in January 2014, the director goes to meet a group of friends, lesbians for the most part, and films the spontaneous talks they have on the lesbian world. The different scenes are shot with a hand-held camera and the various testimonies collected give the final product something of a documentary style.

The first episode was directed with the support of private individuals who believed in the success of the series. Putting it online aims to attract producers who could finance the shooting of the entire season.

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