SEASON 1 - EP 01

12 min - VOSTA Spain


El Gran Dia De Los Feos, launched on 2013, is the first web series closely interested in the beauty dictatorship. Mijail I the beautiful spreads fear by persecuting what he considers to be “ugly people”: each individual who doesn’t qualify to his beauty standards is eliminated. El Gran Dia de los Feos features a “perfect” society exempt of crime or poverty. The only black spot is this “ugly capture unit” in charge of maintaining esthetic harmony.
This Sy-fy web series depicts a dehumanized vision of society. The Spanish press was very enthusiastic about it due to the uncommon and delicate issues it tackles (beauty, dictatorship, genocide…).
El Gran Dia de los Feos is nominated in many international festivals: Rome Web Awards 2014, Hollyweb Festival (California), Vancouver Web Festival and LA Webserie Festival.
The episodes can be viewed on a mobile application dedicated for this purpose.