SEASON 3 - EP 01/07/08

3 min - France


Comfortably settled in front of their computers, Aglaé and Isabelle, both in their thirties, use their webcam to film the blast they’re having on the internet. The “girly” themes of the series (love, babies, celibacy, etc.) make it akin to a private diary 2.0 where everything is shared with remarkable spontaneity. All of the different situations that are filmed are inspired by the lives of the two young women while dealing with subjects that concern all.

What makes Camweb distinctive is that Aglaé Dufresne and Isabelle Joly not only write the script themselves, but also direct one episode per week from Isabelle’s living room.

The recurring static shots and the two young women’s flawless acting, turn Camweb into a show you can’t miss under any circumstances. The web series is already in its third season and the two main characters do not seem to lack imagination in offering their fans increasingly delirious situations.

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