SEASON 1 - EP 01

6 min - VO Québec


A super hero, villains to eliminate, a fight between good and evil, special effects and resounding music: Is it an American blockbuster action movie? Not at all: It is Agent Secret, a web series from Quebec that breathes testosterone, launched online in April by Ztele.

The scriptwriter Simon Lacroix and the director Julien Hurteau cannot deny it: they made some of their childish boy dreams come true. They were inspired by The Dark Knight of Christopher Nolan spiced up with some typical absurd humor as featured in Austin Powers or The office.

The secret agent from the title is Tom (Patrick Hivon). In the beginning of the story, his colleague Julie (Magalie Lépine-Blondeau) is kidnapped by the evil Franz (Julien Poulain), who is in fact Tom’s dad. However, Tom was not aware of his father’s vile intentions. Franz is a wicked man who worked in the shadows. He would like his son to join him in his mission of spreading evil. Tom strongly declines the offer which leads the two men to ultimately confront one another in the 8th and last episode.