Series Mania Co-production Forum rules and regulations:



Article 1: Projects registration

The registration of TV Series projects is free of charge.

To be considered for the pre-selection, TV Series projects must be registered by filling the registration form at the following link:

The deadline for registration is Friday, February 26th, 2016.
All the requested documents must be provided before this date.

Only submissions written in French or English will be accepted.
Series Mania Festival will not refund the translation fees for the submitted documents.

The official selection will be announced by e-mail by the festival organization at the end of March 2016.


Article 2: Selection criteria

16 TV Series projects will be selected to be pitched during the Series Mania Co-production Forum.

The selected TV projects must have been submitted by a company (producer, distributor, TV Channel…). In any case a free application from a private individual (screenwriter, author…) will be accepted.

Priority will be given to projects supported by a TV Channel in their country of origin. This support must be proven by a letter of interest, a development agreement, a commissioning contract or any other official document.

Only the fictional dramas will be accepted (not documentaries, animations or kids programs).

To be considered, the project must include a minimum number of 4 episodes.
The duration of each episode must be superior to 26 minutes.


Article 3: Selection Committee

The project selection is done by Forum des Images team (Laurence Herszberg, Frédéric Lavigne, Francesco Capurro) with the collaboration of Frédéric Pittoors d’Haveskercke.


Article 4: Confidentiality and communication

The festival committee will keep strictly confidential all the information about the submitted projects.

However, in case of selection, the rights holders of the selected TV projects will have to provide information that will be published on the communication supports of the Co-production Forum (Internet website, catalogues, flyers…)

The list of the selected projects, including the project title, the country of origin, the production company and the associated TV Channel or distributor could be communicated and published on the press.


Article 5: Selected project representatives obligations and advantages

The designated project representative (producer, distributor, rights holder, commissioner…) must be available to come to Paris to pitch the project from April 19 to 21, 2016

The projects representative must provide in advance all the materials that could be used during the pitching session (video file, pictures, PowerPoint presentations…) and strictly respect the technical specifications provided by the Forum des Images team.

The Series Mania festival will take in charge the accommodation in Paris for two nights (April 19 and 20) for one representative of each selected project. The festival will not cover any travel cost.

I have read and agree the rules and regulations of the Series Mania Coproduction Forum.
I further understand that the registration does not guarantee the selection of the project.
If my application does not respect the Series Mania rules & regulations my project can be refused.