April 17 – 26, 2015


Festival programming has been directed by Forum des images (Laurence Herszberg, Fréderic Lavigne, Elise Tessarech, Katia Kirby, Francois-Pier Pelinard-Lambert et Marie-Elisabeth Deroche-Miles)


The success of the first five editions of the Series Mania Festival with the media, industry professionals, and the general public has underscored its position as a key annual event in the international TV series calendar. Season six promises an equally eclectic and fascinating line-up, combining pleasure with reflection, for the general public, film lovers, newcomers, and aficionados, as well as industry professionals!



A unique festival with exceptional talent

Every year, the festival offers a big-screen showcase for small-screen treasures from current and future productions from around the world, with 17 countries represented in 2014. Entry to screenings is free in all Forum des images theaters. Around 50 screenings, round table debates and conferences are hosted over the 10 days of the festival, with attendees able to tailor their attendance according to their interests.

Series Mania offers audiences a unique opportunity to break away from the traditional solitude of TV viewing and join with others to watch the shows they love and which are now rivaling cinema production, whilst preserving what makes them so fundamentally different.

The festival is also a unique place for coming together, where TV audiences can meet with TV creators through numerous post-screening debates. This year, the two days of 20 and 21 April will be dedicated to women and series, to examine the evolution of women’s roles in the industry and their representation in the shows themselves, through a range of conferences and post-screening debates.


A chance to make your voice heard, to exchange ideas

Each year, the public gets to vote for their preferred series from the line-up, with the UK’s Southcliffe winning in 2014. They can also elect their favorite web series from an international selection on the Series Mania website.

A jury of international press is charged with attributing three prizes – for Best Series, Best Actress and Best Actor – from among the French series screened at the event. Previous winners include FranceKBek, Ainsi soient-ils Season 2 and Le Passager. A jury of bloggers will also pick their favorite from series screened from all around the world.

For industry professionals, a series of round tables will tackle current issues facing the sector, while as a sidebar to the festival, the third European Coproduction Forum, will bring together fresh projects with potential co-financers, following in the wake of a highly successful second edition.


Welcome to Series Mania!