Web series first appeared on our screens more than 20 years ago and since then, have evolved to cohabit with new digital series in the short film format. As genres and broadcast platforms diversify, Series Mania is this year offering a dedicated competition for premiere screenings of web and digital series to be judged for the first time by an industry jury.



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Jérôme Fansten has worked on films including Au bonheur des ogres, Mune and Papa ou maman? He has also written crime novels including, “Manuel de dramaturgie à l’usage des assassins”. In 2016, he made a digital series, Amnesia, and that same year, created a 6×52’ thriller for CANAL+ with Fred Cavayé and Quoc Dang Tran, to screen in 2018.






A graduate of the Ecole Supérieure de Réalisation Audiovisuelle (ESRA), Eric Laroche worked for CANAL+ for 18 years as Head of Movie Editorial and then Head of Editorial for the CANAL+ SÉRIES channel. In 2017, he joined production company Empreinte Digitale (Les Grands, Lazy Company, T.A.N.K.) as Head of Development.






Titiou Lecoq began her literary career in 1988, rewriting the endings of novels by the Comtesse de Ségur. She spent many years watching series and studying semiotics before looking for a “real job”. She eventually became a journalist for a range of magazines, and started her own blog, girlsandgeeks.com.








U.S.A 2016 episode 1 – in English with French subtitles – col. 1x14min (series 3x13min)
creator and director: Hye Yun Park / writers: Hye Yun Park, Kaela Mei-Shing Garvin / composer: Rob Rusli / cast: Hye Yun Park, Celiné Justice, Dina Shihabi / producers: Super Delux (Theodora Dunlap, Winnie Kemp, Ellie Wen) / broadcaster: Super Deluxe

When a home health aide, a New York subway worker, and a bodega owner come together to solve crimes in their working-class neighborhood, it gives rise to BKPI, or Brooklyn Private Investigators. In a time of buffed superheros, BKPI, where Kick-Ass meets Sweet/Vicious, brings the shine back to the vigilante movie cast style and a feminine touch.



Belgium 2017 episodes 1 and 2 col. 2x7min (series 11×5-8min)
creators, directors and writers: Caroline Taillet, Martin Landmanders / composer: Nicola Testa / cast: Léone François, Colin Javaux, Salim Talbi, Ophélie Honoré / producers: RTBF Interactive (Sophie Berque, François Jadoulle, Lucie Rezsohazy) / broadcaster: RTBF

Anna has been dating Matteo forever, and the pair have everything going for them. But perhaps everything is a bit much for Anna, who would really like a bit of excitement in her life. One night, Anna has a fight cast Matteo and ends up in a bar, being seduced by Claire. In this adaptation of her play for the web, author Caroline Taillet explores bisexuality and contemporary relationships.



France-Denmark 2016 episode 1 – in English with French subtitles – col. 1x10min (series 10x10min)
creators: Cyrine Arrar, Guillaume Fillion, Christophe Coffre / director: Kasper Torsting / writers: Amulya Malladi, Kasper Torsting / composer: Henrik Lindstrand / cast: Joanna Christie, Søren Pilmark, Martin Greis-Rosenthal, Rudi Køhnke, John Newman / producer: Studio + (Gilles Galud) / broadcaster: Studio +

Ella Nicholson is a cop who has been exiled to a remote island after a case went wrong in Copenhagen. Then she is tasked cast investigating the death of Sarah Jensen, the island’s only black inhabitant. Cast fabulous landscapes, unreliable witnesses and a mysterious crime, , which means “island” in Danish, represents a successful return to the Nordic thriller genre, cast a little touch of animal on the side.



South Africa 2017 episode 1 – in English with French subtitles – col. 1x11min (series 10x11min)
creator, writer and director: Zandile Tisani / composer: Shane Cooper / cast: Zandile Tisani, Loyiso Madinga, Thantaswa May, Carla Fonseca, Huggins Jawe / producers: Goodcop (Laurence Hamburger) / co-producer and international broadcaster: Côte Ouest Audiovisuel

Three friends in their late 20s and early 30s are trying to get on in life as best they can, juggling their careers and precarious sex lives. When one of them falls pregnant, their fragile equilibrium threatens to crumble. Filmmaker Zandile Tisani is continuing her exploration of South African identity in this carefully crafted, partially autobiographical tale.



France 2017 episodes 1 and 2 col. 2x5min (series 10x5min)
creator and director: Anaïs Caura / writer: Joëlle Oosterlinck (with Amaury Montrichard) / composer: Pierre Oberkampf / voices: Corinne Maserio, Alexandre Pivette, Cléo Senia / producers: France Télévisions Nouvelles Écritures, My Fantasy / broadcaster: France Télévisions (Studio 4)

Australia, 1920. Eugène mingles cast Sydney’s dockers, carrying a heavy secret. Or is it Eugenia who is hiding in the port, trying to escape the past? Carried by the haunting voice of actress Corinne Maserio (Ainsi soient-ils, Fais pas ci, fais pas ça) and by some superbly contrasting animation, The Man-Woman Case tells the tragic story of the first transgender person in contemporary history.



France-Bolivia 2017 episode 1 – in English and Spanish with French subtitles – col. 1x10min (series 10x10min)
directors and writers: Franck Khalfoun, Jimmy Halfon / composer: Mathieu Carratier / cast: Cyril Descours, Luis-Fernandez Gil, Franck Khalfoun / producers: Studio + (Catou Lairet, Jimmy Halfon) / broadcaster: Studio +

In 1983, Adolfo Ramirez, nicknamed “The Skinner”, was found guilty of 38 murders and sentenced to the maximum possible prison sentence in Bolivia of 30 years. In 2012, a young French journalist went to meet him, a few months before his release. In Lifer, Franck Khalfoun (Maniac) has painted the fascinating portrait of a charismatic monster in a similar vein to Making a Murderer..



France 2017 episodes 8 and 9 col. 2x6min (series 10x6min)
creators: Alice Vial, Louise Massin, Marie Lelong / director: Fanny Sidney / writers: Alice Vial, Marie Lelong, Géraldine De Margerie / composers: Polo & Pan, Flavien Berger / cast: Louise Massin, Marie Lelong, Alice Vial, Guillaume Pottier / producer: La Onda Productions (Thibaud Ader) / France and Germany broadcaster: ARTE Creative

Sometimes, Loulou takes the pill, and sometimes, Loulou doesn’t. Now, Loulou is pregnant. Fortunately, her three best friends are there to accompany her. From the crazy breastfeeding club to the photo session that turns into a fiasco. Inspired by the real-life pregnancy of Louise Massin, who plays the starring role in the series, Loulou offers a fresh take on a subject as old as the hills.