Get your accreditation to the Series Mania Festival (April 13-23), and its professional arm – the Co-production Forum – which runs from April 18-21.
The Co-production Forum is a selective event and the number of participants is limited. Your request must be approved by our accreditation department.

Tableau accreditations SM08 VE



1 : For authors, directors, screenwriters, composers, actors and students in the audiovisual sector.

2 : Except for the opening and closing ceremonies.

3 : 60 TV series (except US) available in the Collection Room, subtitled in English.

4 : Find all the TV series (except US) on your computer with your online account.

5 : Professional panel discussions, European TV Series Conference Day, Keynotes, Work in progress, Coming Next from, Market screenings…

6 : Subject to space availability. Priority access given to badge holders who are potential project investors.

7 : For more information: SeriesLab

Cancellation conditions:
Cancellation requests must be sent before March 31st 2017 to: stating full name and invoice number.